Diversity and inclusion in our department

The Physics Department

  • History of student activism and current efforts
  • The Women in Physics group regularly holds events for female faculty, staff, graduate students, majors and minors. You should be automatically added to the mailing list when you declare your degree!
  • The department will also send out emails about visitors and talks open to the general student body throughout the year
  • If you have general comments or suggestions, contact us and we will pass them along anonymously to the department
  • The Physics Department Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee is another great resource for more serious concerns about the department. The committee formed in 2015 to respond to concerns about the climate for women students and researchers in our department. SPS is pushing the committee to increasingly address other aspects of diversity as well, such as disability access in our buildings and increasing URM involvement in physics.
  • Please contact our club email account (sps.wustl@gmail.com) or our Department Renovations Committee Representative directly if you have questions/ comments/concerns related to accessibility in the department. Wash. U. is planning to undertake a massive renovation of Crow/Compton in the next few years, and we would like to ensure it meets student needs. 

Statements by the Department and University

More Resources at Wash. U.

Resources for underrepresented students in physics
SPS is starting to compile a list of resources and opportunities at Wash. U. and elsewhere for students underrepresented in physics. Please click this link to find out!

Wash. U. Physics Workplace Climate and Diversity Committee
“The Physics department is committed to providing a welcoming working environment free of gender, race, and socioeconomic biases.”
The Society of Physics Students President as well as one to two other undergraduate students are chosen to serve a year on this committee during spring elections. If you would like to run, please email us or join us on election night. Also, of you have any suggestions or concerns you would like to voice, SPS can help connect you with a committee member or other available resources on campus.

STEM Pipeline initiatives and people at Wash. U.
“Washington University in St. Louis supports academic pipeline programs to encourage diversity in higher education and research.”

Wash. U. Center for Diversity and Inclusion
“The Center for Diversity and Inclusion enhances and strengthens Washington University in St. Louis’ commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community.
The center’s staff supports and advocates for students from traditionally underrepresented or marginalized populations and creates collaborative partnerships with campus and community members to promote dialogue and social change.”

Bias Response and Support System
“Washington University in St. Louis values diversity, inclusion and human dignity, and strives to foster an environment in which all community members are respected and able to take part in academic, co-curricular and social activities.
Because of these values, the university developed a system through which students, faculty, staff and community members who have experienced or witnessed incidents of bias, prejudice or discrimination involving a student can report their experiences to the university’s Bias Report and Support System (BRSS) team. If you would like to report a bias incident that does not involve a student, please contact Human Resources.”