Washington University Physics Club

Welcome to the Washington University in St. Louis Chapter of the Society of Physics Students!

We host a range of fun physics events like observatory parties, experiment demo nights, lab tours, and panels on research and graduate admissions. We also have connected students with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities such as a meet-and-greet with a Nobel Laureate and dinner with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Additionally, we have led a wide range of endeavors to make our department more inclusive, and our club serves as the formal liaison between physics majors and the department as a whole.

All are welcome to join the physics club; a large number of our members aren’t even physics majors or minors!

Please find on this website our contact information, student and department news, details about past and future events, cool photos we’ve taken, and other interesting physics-y things!

We also have a large list of summer internships, physics-related jobs, opportunities for groups underrepresented in physics, and other resources for majors to take advantage of!

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