Undergraduate Scholarships and Awards

We’re compiling links as we hear about more and more opportunities. Please email us at sps.wustl@gmail.com if you know of something we can add to the website. Also, if any links have expired, please do a Google search to find these opportunities!

How to get an award: about half of these awards are by application, about half are by nomination. But here’s something you might not know – the best way to get nominated for an award is to ASK FOR A NOMINATION.

Yes, that’s right, it is perfectly fine, perfectly normal, and actually expected of you to ask for nominations for yourself if you think you’ve actually done something award-worthy. Professors aren’t usually aware of the hundreds of awards given out by Wash. U. and different societies each year or ignore the emails when they come through their inbox. So, it’s 100% up to you to ask for a nomination, explain why you’re worthy of a nomination, and to provide your letter-writer with all the necessary materials for your nomination. In some cases, they may ask you to write out a very detailed letter in the third-person detailing the facts of what you have done, which they will use as the basis of their letter. This is normal.

If you’re interested in something super fancy like a Goldwater or a Rhodes scholarship, you need to schedule an appointment with the Fellowships Office and speak with them about it many months or even years in advance. If you only think up the idea on the first day of senior year, it’s already way too late. GO IN EARLY! Don’t be shy.

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