Get to a Conference

Pictured: They presented their research at the semesterly undergrad research symposium. They got free Ring Pops. Enough said.

There are lots of great opportunities for you to present your research, both here and away! You should speak with your professors/advisors and gradate student mentors about opportunities.

It can also be fun to just show up to a conference or symposium and hear about other people’s work, even if you aren’t presenting a poster or a talk. This you can do on your own, or your advsior can make suggestions of possible ones to attend.

Advice on presenting research

How to present an awesome poster (SPS)

If you need funding for travel to conferences you’re presenting at:

Brief examples of conferences, symposia, and other research presentation opportunities:

Less formal

  • Wash. U. SPS Choc Talks (contact your current SPS officers for more details)

Moderately formal

More formal

Washington University SPS