2019 Distinguished SPS Chapter Award

For the activities of our SPS chapter over the 2018-2019 school year,  the SPS National Office awarded the Washington University in St. Louis SPS Chapter as a 2019 Distinguished Chapter!!All chapter award winners are recognized on the Outstanding Chapter Award page. The winners are chosen because of their dedication and commitment to the SPS mission and vision of supporting students, advisors, and departments to improve the overall community.

We are so excited that we received this award and so proud of our previous year’s executive board for all of the work they did to achieve this! It is great to be recognized in this way and we hope to continue to impact the WashU and St. Louis communities in a positive and meaningful way.



Congratulations to the 2019-2020 SPS Board

SPS held elections for the 2019-2020 Academic Year Board today! Here’s our new board for the upcoming year:

President: Riley

Vice President: Viktoria

Treasurer: Jeremy

Secretary: Jonathan

Historian: Abdullah

Public Relations: Jason

Curriculum Committee Heads: Austin & Royce

Outreach Committee Head: Redoan

Diversity Committee Heads: Viktoria & Royce


Congrats again to the new board! May Arthur Holly Compton be your guiding light.

Biophysics Track Approved!

The physics department approved biophysics as a new track in the department. Special thanks to Austin Stover and Royce Dong for leading the march to get this approved and to Professor Carlsson for his guidance in implementing the track. We look forward to all the students that decide to follow in the biophysics track!

New officers

Congratulations to our SPS officers for the 2018-19 school year!

President: Tyler Satchel Orden

Vice President: Julia Cohen

Treasurer: Ryan Wahidi

Secretary: Jason Tang

Historian: Viktoria Ohstrom

Public Relations: Jeremy Smith and Riley Martell

Webmaster: Redoan A. Salam

New majors committee: Austin Stover (chair), Royce Dong, Prajwal Keranahalli, Abheek Raviprasad, and Jeremy Smith

As well as members of department committees:

Department renovations: Jeremy Smith

Diversity committee: Riley Martell, Viktoria Ohstrom, and Tyler Satchel Orden

Physics major Jason Tang helps launch Peer-Led Team Learning program for physics

Thanks to SPS Public Relations officer Jason Tang on leading the way to start a Peer-Led Team Learning program for introductory physics! (He did this independently of SPS – we’re not trying to take credit)

This is so awesome! Thanks for helping out so many physics students, Jason! Check out the full story below in the student newspaper.


SU Resolution on Libraries

Student Union Senator Brian Adler teamed up with SPS to pass a resolution through Student Union Senate on the preservation of departmental libraries, including physics. The text can be found at the following link:


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